It does seem now at days in every major city their is a 24 hour vape shop popping up. As for me personally I like this convenient idea. Especially since I consider myself a night owl. That being the main reason I do have some other reasons I would like to list.

1. After a night out on the town sometimes I need to get a refill on some juice
2. I work late and sometimes after work I want to puff on some vapors
3. When trying to get over smoking a late night craving might occur
4. I live in a town that is blazing hot and like to vape shop in the evening

Now that being said I do like the 24 hour vape shop idea but let me play devils advocate here because some of the close neighbors to the these vape shops seem not to like the idea if they are not enjoying the vape shop benefits. let me explain and list the reasons.

1. Most nearby neighbors complain about the late night noise
2. Some people also claimed that these shops have many people loitering
3. They also say they are frightened by the traffic.

Overall I think there can be an understanding where both set of the public can live in peace together. First the 24 hour vape shops should respect their neighbors. Respect should include not being noisy when the general public is sleeping. Both parties should get to know each other even a possible formal or informal gathering. I think the neighbors would understand that the vapor enthusiast are really great guys. The owners are just trying to run a business while customers are generally trying to be smoke free. Vape shop owners should clear out people from loitering outside the shop. Either keep them inside or leave but not hanging out in the parking lot or something.
There really just needs to be a respectful understanding with both groups and I hope people just take some of this advice