With 2017 coming to a close we decided to do a list of beautiful ladies in the vape industry that you must follow on Instagram in 2018. Some of these women display fantastic cloud making skills.

If you are a vape or mod fan like we are you will be impressed with what the females have to offer. If you are a vape shop owner these ladies will love to promote you e-cigs, e-juices or vape clothes.

Our list is not in any particular order. We think these vape females offer a variety of quality skills that you will enjoy when you follow them on Instagram.

You can find these ladies by clicking the name that links to their IG page but you can also follow them off our page. So go ahead and follow us on Instagram @modclouds

Our list of 28 Top Females In The Vape Industry on IG




 Tesia the wicked




blue vapes vape


Texas Vape Babe


vee vapes




Rune Wolves








Thought I might give a little break in the middle to give you a breather from these awesome cloud making females. Hope you have enjoyed looking at these pictures sor far.



@cassie_vaperholiccassie vapeholic





@vita_vapesVita vapes

@babe_ruthl3ssbabe ruthless






All these vaping females are not only great looking but have cloud making skills that you would be impressed. Check them out follow them on Instagram. You will not be disappointed. 

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