The Vaping Industry has a lot of enemies that are either misinformed or just straight haters. They are constantly attacking the community by supporting anti-vaping regulations or promoting some pseudo-science propaganda that suggest vaping is bad for your health. Most of the industry was positively optimistic when a Republican controlled White House came about but they have been slow in implementing anything relating to vaping.
With all the outside circumstances that generally we cannot control. We like to focus on the simple thing we can take some initiative that can help protect our vaping rights.

1. Send a Tweet to the FDA Commissioner

The new FDA commissioner may seem a little more vape friendly since he pushed the delay of the PMTA process to 2022. The PMTA has the potential to bankrupt thousand of local vape shops across the U.S. Though this might seem to be a positive move for the vape industry we still are keeping a close eye on FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb. Send this guy a tweet @ScottGottliebMD and tell him to make more stronger decisions in relation to our industry.

2. Tweet the Big Man himself Mr. President Trump

President Trump lives his life on tweeter. He tweets as much as people put up selfies in IG. He is known to hate government regulations and if we get enough tweets demanding to repeal FDA deeming regulations I am pretty sure he would take notice. So tweet this tweeter fanatic a 140 character message. His Twitter handle is @realDonaldTrump

3. Sign the let’s be real San Francisco Petition

The Bay area is attempting to ban all flavored e-liquids going up for sale. If this passes it give momentum for other bills to start propping up in various local cities around the country. I reside in the state of California and this state is known to lead the country in passing some hyper regulated bills which other areas tend to follow. You can still participate and sign the petition even if you don’t live in the Bay area. Click here to sign.

4. Sign the Petition to Repeal the FDA Deeming Regulations.

There is still some time if you have not signed the online petition to repeal the FDA deeming regulations. Click here to sign the petition.

5. Contact your local Congressman

Thanks to the wonderful world of the internet contacting your local representatives has never been easier. Just Click here and find your local congressman. Demand that they support the cigarette Smoking Reduction and Electronic Vapor Alternatives Act or HR 2194.
I don’t know where you guys stand in our community but I support it to the fullest since without vaping myself as well as other would either still be smoking or have died by now due to smoking. This is a prime example of how the government model is broken. It is only obvious when the government is putting regulations on tools that can help save lives. That is like banning non-alcoholic beverages. It is ridiculous.