If you google search for the best vape mods tanks you will find countless articles and list of many great options. Now this list are fantastic and do make great recommendations but I feel when you have more options it just gives you more variables to think over and makes for a rougher decision without having to purchase each and ever single listed option. So this article I am going to give to you two of what I think are the absolute best options to choose when choosing your tank. I will explain why I think it is the best and why did I choose it for my vaping needs.

So there is no need to compare all this options of vape tanks making something that should not be such a hard decision. This should be something that is relevant but not take to much of your time before getting started on your vape journey.

Now our first choice is the Sense Herakles. The Herakles is a sub ohm tank which is capable of reaching 100W max output. We actually figure this tank to work best around 40W to roughly about 75W.

This high quality stainless steal gives an adjustment for precise air flow which is every cloud chaser wet dream.The coil heads are 100% cotton. The coils are dual vertical coils which are parallel wrapped, giving awesome flavor even with the high wattage’s it is capable of producing.This is reason we absolutely love this tank.This tank averages about $30 in price.sense herakles tank.

Let’s start out by saying Uwell came out in 2015 with one of the best tanks around which was the original crown. So when the Crown II was buzzing before its launch the vape community was eagerly awaiting what could they improve or do better. So that comes to our second pick of the absolute best vape mod tanks the Uwell Crown II. This sub ohm tank is made for puffing huge clouds. It comes with the ability to adjust to three different resistance levels.Whuch gives you a great choice to how you would like to vape.Uwell Crown II If you are looking to make gigantic clouds this is the tank for you. You won’t regret this purchase since it also hoovers around $30. Check these both out and let me know what you think in the comments.