Let me start this off by introducing myself. My name is David I live in the crazy beautiful City of Los Angeles, California. More closely to the East Side of L.A. I don’t mean the not so east side where Colorado Blvd runs but I mean the real east side East Los Angeles. I currently run the online vape shop http://modclouds.com .
Smoking Is My Destiny
Now this story is not about me just trying to get a shameless plug promoting myself but it’s a serious story about my start in the vape world. As for myself almost everyone in my immediate family smoked. My parents smoked, my close cousins’ smoke and even some do till this day. It was such a normal thing in my life I even grew up to know what animals and objects you can find inside the camel. (Hopefully some of you got that but I am referring to the camel on a popular brand of smokes in the U.S.)
Roughly a couple of years ago I worked for an outside sales company marketing and selling internet and TV services going door 2 door. If anyone of you had worked in this type of business you would know that majority of the sales agents are smokers. Well at least the sales agents in my neck of the woods.
So it seemed like the odds were against me and I was just destined to smoke for life. While I was working with this company things seemed to always change. The only thing consistent in this business was the change. There was always fresh faces.
The Only Thing Consistent Is Change
Throughout the time working for this company I started working with this girl. At the time was I just focused on work and she was just a co-worker/ friend. We hung out went to lunch and just worked. She was also focused on work I assume.
Until this one day one of my co-workers said to me damn that girl is pretty hot. That’s when it hit me and I changed my whole perspective about her. She was indeed gorgeous. I really didn’t understand it but I had never seen her that way until someone pointed it out to me. Throughout that time with the work we performed I had literally spent every day with her. Our work week consisted of 6 or 7 days from morning till night. With all that time together I knew her well. I knew well and now I started looking at her in a different light.
The one thing I knew for a fact was that she hating smoking. I did make it a point to not smoke around her but before it was not a big deal but if I wanted to get any closer I would have to figure something out.
I grew up in a time where smoking was still done in restaurants and bars. She was younger than me and she came from that generation who treated smokers like outcast. The generation which kicked out smokers to their own “smoking sections”.
Facing Challenges
I had heard about e-cigs and vape pens similar to these shown here. My only concern was that if I was going to go all out and try this, I just didn’t want to be craving a cigarette. I didn’t want craving a cigarette affect my mood or attitude. At the end of it all just decided she would be worth going through whatever I was going to deal with.
So I decided to go against my biggest obstacle and I made my decision to try out vaping to build a closer relationship with her. Choosing to vape was my biggest concern and everything else I was pretty confident about such as getting her to look at me differently. I mean I knew her well and she was a great friend to me.
After all was said we did get closely involved with each other and I keep vaping. I had first started out with Blu e-cigs and then started using a vaping pen. There were some occasions where I did smoke a cigarette but it was not anywhere like I use be smoking when I was up to a few packs a week.
My relationship lasted a while with her and I can honestly say she was the true love of my life even though I had been married in the past plus had other serious relationships in the past. She is the one I would choose to spend the rest of my life with. Maybe because I could breathe better when I was with her.
Happily Ever Never
This story sounds good but it is a brief memorable part of my life and it is not a fairy tale. We did eventually break up. A lot had to do with faults of my own but also outside circumstances that won’t fit well here is the topic but maybe for my love life blog or something. When it finally came to an end I was angry, upset, sad and depressed. I just had all these emotions running wild.
This is where one of my mistakes had shown its ugly head. While I was angry about this situation instead a vaping I was like “F” this give me a cigarette. Or when I was depressed and feeling sorry for myself I was like “who cares I am going to die anyways” while puffing a cigarette. Eventually my vape pen just sat on my dresser and I started smoking like I had never smoked before.
My point to this story was that I had quit smoking for her and when she was gone so was the vaping. The lesson I eventually learned was to have real success to stop smoking I had to do it for myself and not for anyone else. I had to want to stop for me which after sometime I eventually slowed down my smoking and started vaping again. That is where I am today still fighting the fight of this cigarette addiction. I had just wanted to share this story so the wise can learn from my story instead of their own. In essence make sure to stop smoking for yourself and you want to do it for yourself. Don’t do it for anyone else because things always change.
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