I have no idea what type of response I will get from this but there is something I have to get off my chest and that is when I see children or teens vaping. If you are an adult that vapes there should be no way in the world you should let your kids’ vape. I don’t see how it would be possible in this world. If there are any adults that vape and either doesn’t agree with what I am saying or don’t have a problem with your kids vaping please don’t click on any links and stay away from my blog or website.
The reason why I brought this up today is while I was driving where I live in the beautiful city of Los Angeles I seen 2 teens passing back and forth a vape pen. The worst part about it was there was an adult with them. I don’t know who they were or if the adult was even their parents but the adult was fine with the actions of these kids. He seemed fine all while he was joking, laughing and putting his arm around them like a close friend or relative. This really just bothered me.
So I had to think for a little bit. Instead of lashing out at people and yelling in public I was thinking maybe this just comes from a lack education so I wanted to write this and explain what us vapers should do if we have kids in the house.

Vape Education

I think generally most vapers are passionate and informed about vaping. We understand vaping is safer than smoking and relatively safe in general. Overall I think most would agree that it is best to neither vape nor smoke. With that said is it safe to vape around kids? The better question should be should we vape around kids? In my opinion, I would say “NO”. I don’t know about you but for me anyways the old parent logic “Do as I say, not as I do” didn’t work well for me. I do understand it can be difficult when you come home from a long a day’s work and you want to inhale some great tasting flavor in the living room. I’m just saying it might be best to excuse yourself and puff into another room.

E-cigarette Etiquette

I personally think we should treat vape paraphernalia like we treat alcohol when we put alcohol in a liquor cabinet or somewhere not easily accessible for children.
We should pay attention closely to the e-juice. There have been stories of kids accessing various types of e-juice and getting nicotine poisoning. Just to mention some of these kids that got nicotine poisoning were really young kids

Child lock Vapes

Did you know that there is such a thing as vapes that have child locks? It is not one of the most widely known features but there are vapes that come with child locks. The one I am familiar with is the Aspire ArchonClick on the link to check it out it comes at a price of $44.00. Which well price especially when you do have a concern for any children in your home.
At the end of it all, I just wanted to bring some awareness to underage kids and vaping. A friend of mine used to say “do it for the kids” So this article is just for the kids.

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