Unless you are not a real vape user then you probably have not heard of the controversy about buying vape clones. There are basically 2 sides to this controversy that has been causing some riff in the industry.

Authentic Vape Mods

The Authentic Vape Mod Builders are generally the main supporters against cloned vapes. They argue the clones can be cheaply made with low end materials. They also claim that some clones are flat out counterfeits. Where some manufactures that produce clones slap on a reputable authentic vape logo and try and pass it on as a real vape. It is also known that most clones are made in China. China has known to pirate, clone, or counterfeit any product they can make a profit from. Some claim that these practices are Anti-American or anti-capitalism. Check out some of the Authentic mods we have available here

Cloned Vapes Perspective

Although the claims of anti-capitalism have been mention the clone vape supporters say this is true capitalism. They say capitalism is letting the market determine the products available as long as it is not a rip off of someone’s creative creation. Most clone supporters say that the clone market is growing because the producers of the “Authentic Vapes” put a cap on the production of their vapes in order to create high demand but low supply therefore inflating the price. Being that there is a limited amount of Authentic Vapes the supply of the cloned vapes becomes in high demand. The Cloned vapes are generally a lot lower in price comparing to the authentic vapes. Clone Vape manufactures say there are some companies that do in fact produce low quality vapes but they state all manufactures are different and many of the clones that are produced use the same materials as the top authentic vapes producers use. You just have to do your proper homework before buying a clone or any vape.

The manufactures of clones are able to fill the demand of vapes by producing huge quantities of their particular vape clone. They produce a high volume of devices because the market demands it and wants it.


So lets look at this from an outside prospective. I strongly believe there our creative people designing some awesome authentic devices. They should be getting paid as much as possible for their creative creation. For anyone to steal that creation and trying to get paid off of someone else’s legit idea should be disciplined according to copyright laws. Now on the other hand clones that are not exact counterfeits of other devices do have a place in the market where there is demand. They kind of get a bad rap getting called clones but in essence they are just other devices.
The only reason why the clones have a place is because of the manufactures of authentic vapes. They allegedly are trying to manipulate the price of vapes by producing only a certain amount which is a business model they want to follow is completely up to them. If that model is the reason for their demise then that is their decision. I mean there is nothing wrong in making the Rolex of vapes or even better comparable the Lamborghini of vapes. If that is what they are trying to do then they shouldn’t complain about other companies supplying the rest of the market like the Casio compared to the Rolex or the Ford compared to the Lambo.

As for the average consumer majority of the things I hear from people is if they can afford an authentic vape then they would get one but most people like to get a good deal and get more bang for their buck. Most vapor enthusiast have both in their collection. Most clone owners say they have had really no issues with their devices besides the normal wear and tear. So in essence stay away from counterfeits and if it is affordable to you get yourself an authentic vape but if not and you can’t afford one get a clone. I would rather someone get off smoking a cigarette with a clone than anything else.
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