TCR mode, what in the world does that stand for? I definitely understand not wanting to ask a question because you might think you would sound like a rookie asking such a question. It is kind of cliché but there is no dumb question.

Let me knock this question out but what the initials TCR stands for Temperature Coefficient of Resistance. This number is a measurement used to show the resistance of metal within the coils as it changes temperature. This, of course, is used for many other electronic devices besides vapes and mods. You can check out some of our great deals Hardware and Accessories

How Does TCR work?

The TCR mode allows you to fine-tune your coils as precise as possible. Every manufacturer sets certain alloys into certain systems. They are commonly described as SS, Ti, or Ni. Which can be better described as stainless steel, titanium. Or nichrome. TCR mode allows you to manually put in the matching number code to get optimal performance from your mod and coils.

Where can I find TCR codes?

If you were to search TCR mode codes in the forums you will come up with many vape users developing useful lists from their research. Some can be pretty elaborate and extensive. Some list may seem complicated but has compiled a useful tool to where all you need to do is plug in your info to generate your specific code for your mode and coil. Check out their Wire Wizard here Wire Wizard

Additional info on coil building can be found in a previous article we wrote on coil building here Coil Buildng If you still need additional info feel free to leave us a message and ask us.