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For those that can appreciate the art of writing an article for our Guest Blog Post section we are opening up our site for you.Those that are interested in submitting a good story don’t hesitate to submit a request below. Vapers and website owners can write for us who would like to share their artcle and get exposure from high quality traffic. We also look for genuine vapor connoisseurs that come across our site through various other sites within the electronic cigarette community but we will also consider others that might not be to involved in the community like those web surfers coming from one of our other sources of traffic like . Feel free to share an outside prospective on the vapor industry  

The requirements are that you write about something related to vaporizers, mods, e-cigarettes or anything similar. Please make sure there is no profanity and is suitable for all to enjoy. We reserve the right to submit your content based on our own desecration. The content you submit for our Guest Blog Post must be your creative work but no copyright attached to it. When submitting links in your article make sure it fits with the content and you are not placing a link just to place it.

Guest Blog Post is a great way to establish your authority in the industry along with establishing some quality links to your site.

Take advantage of the writing opportunity since we will not keep this invitation open for long. Once we have established some top bloggers we will just request those blogger for additional content if they would like to add more. So make sure the content you provide is top notch. There will be many benefits for those that do submit excellent content.  

We will be accepting Guest Blog Post for a limited time. Submit your request to add some content to our site. Approved blogs must have related content to our website. (vapes, mods, e-cigarettes and various other topics) Must have a minimum of 500 words.

You may add 2 links for every 500 words. Example 1000+ words = Up to 4 links ; 1500+ words = Up to 6 links.