Have you been caught up in the crypto-currency craze like many of us have been. Bitcoins is the hottest form of currency right now. One Bitcoin is almost as much as gold. While gold is generally viewed as a hedge against traditional fiat currency. That means while traditional currencies generally have dipped in value Bitcoins have been on the rise.
Many merchants have recognized the advantages of accepting various forms of crypto-currencies. Advantages for merchants include the increase of customers from various parts of the world. The almost instant payments received. Minimizing charge backs due to fraud. Semi anonymity for customers that rather be anonymous when making purchases.
If you are new or a veteran user of vapes or mods there are many options to purchase your cloud makers. We want to introduce you to this awesome site that accept not only bitcoins but dogecoins and litecoins. This great site has the best mods, vapes, and e-cigs available. Or if you just need replacement parts or batteries check this site out to purchase your vape or mod needs with an alternative form of currencies. Check this site out. MintyVapes
Once you find the right vape or mod that you are looking. Simply add it to your cart and proceed to the checkout. Once you are in the checkout simply choose the “GoCoin” option and you’ll be redirected to the gateway where you can send us the currency of your choice.
Many merchants are starting to accept this form of payment and now you can buy the newest vape or mod with crypto-currencies. Shop around and enjoy these cloud making products

Bitcoins can be purchased with your credit card, debit card or with various vendor of gift cards Paxful

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