We compiled a list of the most beautiful vape queens on IG. This article we worked hard… seriously worked hard looking for these chicks. There are many and this article probably doesn’t do justice for the ladies they we wanted to put on the this list but fell off on the editing floor. We do think that all the vaping women are the most gorgeous on instagram. We just started our IG so if you want to help us grow just click here @modclouds and follow us.

Follow these females or if you are in vaping industry these females will promote your business. These beautiful ladies are guaranteed to attract some legit buying vape customers. As a disclaimer we don’t know any of these ladies personally even though we surely wish we meet them some day. All the info that we state is based on their IG post.

Introducing the Vape Queens

We wanted to start off and introduce this first Vape Queen. We think she deserve the first spot because not only is she drop dead beautiful but from what we can tell she is an intelligent entrepreneur starting to dominate the industry. She is the host and founder of @missvaporusa She can be found here @itscamillejohnson for contest details. She definitely is a model to look up to who manages a business and a household.

Our next female vaping queen enjoys vaping while watching her favorite football team The Cowboys or some programing on Netflix. She is one of the top vaping chicks on IG that you can follow here @bella_vapes


This fire hot red headed Vape Queen is better known as Klowd Kween or her IG is @kloud_kween . You can also check out and subscribe to her at her self named website kloudkween.com . If you like red heads like I do you can see how her presence along side your products can definitely attract more business for you. She comes straight from Colorado with a huge following and is well known in the industry.


Hard to follow up after a beautiful red head but we do think we have someone who definitely meets our Vape Queen standards. She comes out of my city in the lovely Los Angeles area. Her name is Priscilla and can be connected here @priscillacrystalg . She is one of the host of Miss VapeModel NVE. She also was feature in VAPUN as a model in issue #13. Not only do we love the beauty she brings but her entrepreneur spirit makes her even more outstanding.

Priscilla IG

Now I choose one of the most beautiful-est females to ever put her voluptuous lips around a vaporizer. I want to introduce “mi amor hermosa de mi vida” all the way from de efe, Mexico or some will call it Mexico City, Mexico. Some might call me biased because I am Mexican but you judge for yourself. She is so attractive she looks to entice people that have never vaped in their life to take up the practice. You can follow Kami @kamiberzunza . She is absolutely one of thee top Vaping Queens 



We have had tremendous response to this article with many of our audience asking or recommending other gorgeous ladies that do in fact deserve to have the opportunity to get recognized. So be on the look out for our follow up part 2 article with an additional 5 more Vape Queens. In the mean time enjoy and follow these hot young ladies.