It has been over 10 years since e-cigarettes first started getting sold to the public. Since then there has been a steady increase in users. In Great Britain there is over 3 million users of vapes, mods or some type of e-cigarette.
There possible could have been more but there is a lot of rumors, misconceptions or false beliefs that E-cigarettes are not all that safe so some people don’t look at vaping to be a healthier option to smoking cigarettes.
Many studies do show that e-cigarettes are in fact less harmful than smoking a traditional cigarette but for some reason the misconceptions still exist. This could be the main reason most smokers have not changed over to this reasonable alternative.
Now the latest study in published 2017 comes to more of the same conclusion that e=cigarettes are indeed healthier than smoking cigarettes.
With that being said we do want reiterate that the study does show long term users of e-cigarettes and people who just smoke cigarettes both have similar levels of nicotine but the e-cigarette user is shown to have less levels of carcinogens and toxins relative to smoking only combustible cigarettes. Vaping a Healthier Alternative
Tobacco is today’s leading cause of preventable death in the world. Of course it would be when cigarettes contain over 5,000 chemicals with 70 known to be linked to cancer. While E-cigarettes do not contain tobacco. They carry a nicotine-containing liquid which is heated into a vape and breathed in. The nicotine will take care of the cravings associated with a smoking addiction, and doesn’t cause cancer.
It is true that that e-cigarettes do not produce tobacco or the countless chemicals that are found in cigarettes but when vapes and mods first hit the market there was very little known about these devices. Early on various health groups did estimate e-cigarettes to be 95% safer than smoking a stogie but until now more scientific studies have been taking place to show vaping is safer.
E-cigarette Vs. Smoking Study
The examination incorporated a gathering of e-cigarette clients, who had been utilizing them for around 17 months, and measured the levels of nicotine and 26 possibly hurtful chemicals in their body, by taking a gander at tests of their pee and spit.
The group compared the outcomes with cigarette smokers, and individuals who both smoked and utilized e-cigarettes. They additionally took a look at individuals who utilized nicotine substitution treatment (NRT), which is normally used to enable individuals to quit smoking or as a long haul elective.
“We looked at NRT clients since we know these items are safe to use,” says Shahab. “We thought they would be a decent examination,” he includes, on the grounds that long haul clients get their nicotine hit from a without smoke source, much like e-cigarette clients.
Strikingly, the nicotine levels found in the examples from e-cigarette clients were fundamentally the same as the individuals who utilized NRT and to smokers. This recommends individuals can fulfill their nicotine yearnings through utilizing both of these items.
“Some portion of the motivation behind why individuals utilize e-cigarettes is to quit smoking, and we have demonstrated that they give successful conveyance of nicotine,” says Shahab.
However, the key finding came when the group looked in the specimens at the levels of possibly lethal chemicals. They found that there was a momentous contrast in the levels of these substances between the distinctive groups. Truth be told one compound, called NNAL (known to cause lung disease), was 97% lower in e-cigarette clients contrasted with smokers.
Not exclusively did e-cigarette clients have bring down levels of these substances contrasted with smokers, yet they were likewise found to have fundamentally the same as levels to individuals utilizing NRT – something that Shahab rushes to call attention to is known to be moderately sheltered.
“We have 3 more years of research into the safety of NRT, and we’ve not seen any noteworthy long haul medical problems,” he says.