Squonking Mods & You:
The Definitive Guide to Bottom-Feeding Box Mods

Welcome to the Wild World of Squonk Mods

A Traditional Squonk Mod

Everyone loves RDAs. The unadulterated flavor and thick cloudage from these mechanically inclined drippers are in classes of their own, setting a standard that other types of vaping devices struggle to meet.

The only problem?

You gotta drip your juice! Constantly, in fact—otherwise the flavor from your vape device becomes harsh and burnt.

So regardless of whether you’re walking, talking, driving, or delivering a baby, if your dripper starts to run dry, there’s nothing you can do besides fumble to pull your bottle of e-liquid out of your pocket, hastily spin off the top and probably throw way too much juice into your RDA.

I know I do.


But what if there were a better, easier way to enjoy the rich, satisfying performance you’ve come to love about RDAs?

Well, there is! It’s a trend of specialized vape mods called “squonk mods”, and you, like, pretty much just missed them.

…kidding! Though you are cutting it a little close, as these devices were all but extinct only just last year. Even though they had their 15 minutes of fame only a few years before, almost no new squonk boxes were being created last year. I think manufacturers were too busy focusing on things like 12-coil atomizer heads and stabilized wood.

But now, squonk mods are coming back in a big way, and you’d be remiss to miss out on this convenience-focused vaping trend!

So don’t let a little lack of information stop you from finding your next favorite mod! Read on to learn all there is to know about the latest fan-favorite vaping devices finally getting the recognition they deserve: squonk mods!

Squonking Over the Years

Squonk mods may only be just now making a resurgence, but these multi-functional marvels have been around since before mods could even use Ni200!

The REO Squonkers

First making an appearance in 2009, squonkers—also known as bottom-feeder mods—gained relative repute with many vapers. By the time 2013 rolled around, practically every vaper on social media had seen or at the very least heard of the REO, one of the very first commercial squonk mods. Unfortunately, even the acclaimed REO fell by the wayside just as quickly alongside the entire class of squonk-ready devices, at least it seemed.

Some attributed this drop in popularity to the limited compatibility with the RDAs of that time—few manufacturers had even considered that vapers would be using their drippers in a drip-less way, so including such accessories as a squonk-ready positive pin was simply not on their agenda.

Others claimed that when the sudden surge in the evolution of vaping products came around in 2013, squonk boxes couldn’t keep up with the break-neck technological advancements and were more or less forgotten.

The Full Color Display of the Palm DNA75C

That is, until now! Recently, we’ve begun to see a serious Squonker renaissance. Numerous models of Squonk mods have been released for the public to enjoy. Even the most popular of e-cig makers like Wotofo and GeekVape are getting in on this retro trend.

Historically, squonk mods have been unregulated and/or mechanical in operation, and for good reason: with the addition of a large bottle, there’s no longer as much room for circuitry or a regulating circuit board inside your mod’s chassis.

Some devices have found a way around this—such is the case with the USmodz Squonk, as it manages to fit the newly diminished DNA75C (and accompanying full color display) inside the single-battery chassis.

Squonker?I Don’t Even Know Her!

A squonk mod is very similar to your traditional vaping devices, though not perfectly identical. The same goes for the RDA you’ll be using: all you’ll need to use any RDA with a sqounking mod is a bottom-feeding or squonk-ready positive pin.

Squonking Crash Course
Step 1Remove empty bottle from mod & unscrew cap
Step 2Refill bottle & replace cap
Step 3Attach nozzle to 510 connection
Step 4Replace your squonk mod’s door and vape away!
Suicide Kings’ Brass Chassis Cutout

Inside the squonk mod itself, the battery is inserted as usual, no problem there. Next to the battery sled, however, you’ll notice a plastic or silicone bottle—this will serve as the storage container for your e-liquid. Usually capable of holding a much larger capacity than most RTAs and sub-ohm-tanks, a squonk mod’s bottle may hold anywhere from 5mL to an impressive 12mL!

This bottle will have a tube leading from the bottom of the bottle to the bottom of the squonk mod’s 510 connection.

With a simple squeeze, this bottle releases e-juice through the 510 positive pin and into the bottom of your RDA’s deck, something easily done using the cutout in the squonk mod’s chassis revealing the bottle.

The Wraith’s Side Chassis Cutout

This saturates your wicks thoroughly with a fraction of the effort usually spent on troublesome dripping, leaving you with that much more time for what’s really important: vaping!

Just make sure not to release too much juice at once! While any excess liquid will usually get sucked back into the bottle, it’s still possible to push so much juice that it comes spilling out of the airflow slots of your dripper, especially if you have an atomizer with bottom-feed airflow.

The Athena Squonker Internals

Your attached RDA may be one that came with the squonker, or it may be one that you chose yourself. Either way, rest easy knowing there’s nothing new in the dripper that may alarm and confuse.

There’s a good chance that your RDA comes with a BF pin included with the packaging, but if that turns out to unfortunately not be the case, there’s always plenty more atomizers to choose from, with more being made every day!

Something to watch out for, though, is making sure that your dripper’s positive pin is made of the proper material. It will be in contact with your e-liquid essentially 24/7, so it’s important that your positive pin won’t tarnish over time, leeching nasty byproducts into your juice.

Brass, copper, and silver will be the worst offenders, so avoid any squonk-ready positive pins made of these materials if you want your e-liquids to taste absolutely flawless for as long as possible. Stainless steel and gold on the other hand are extremely resistant to any kind of corrosion or weathering, so they’re great choices for this application.

Squonk Ya Later!

So there you have it! As you can tell, using a squonk mod is no more difficult than using any other kind of RDA setup. If anything, it’s even easier!

Hopefully, now you feel that much more prepared to utilize your brand new squonk mod to the fullest!

Or if you’re still looking for the ideal squonk box for your vaping style, we have a huge selection of squonk mods and squonk-ready RDAs—you’re sure to find the perfect addition to your vape rotation!

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