This is a follow up to our first article Starter Guide To Doing Vape Tricks Like The Cloud Chaser Pros Pt 1 . If you have not read it please start there.

Once You became an expert on making O’s you are ready to move on to bigger and better vape tricks. The next “easy” trick is called the ghost inhale.

How To Ghost Inhale

Ghost Inhaling is when you slowly exhale, blow out a ball cloud and quickly snap it back in your mouth. So what you have to do is take a huge long drag of vapor. Let it sit in your mouth for a couple of seconds Then you push it out slowly but snap back right away and inhale it back in.

The next vape trick we will show is called The Dragon

The Dragon

The Dragon is were you blow simultaneously out of 4 holes 2 from your nose and 2 from your mouth looking like a beast of a dragon. What I usually do is softly bite on my bottom and top lip and leave room on the side to blow out the vapor. At the same time I am doing thing I blow out through my nose. Quite simple but look great doing it.

The next one is great for Halloween in my opinion. It is called the Waterfall

The Waterfall

The Waterfall is quite easy also but you will need a bottle with frozen water at the bottom of it. You need to inhale a huge amount of vapor and blow it into the bottle. Once you put all that you can into the bottle you slowly pour it out and it will hover or linger around. Can you see how this would be great for Halloween.

The last but not least we are going to go over the Vape Bubble

Vape Bubble

You will need some bubble making solution and a the core to a paper towel roll or something similar. Dip one end of the core into the bubble solution while you inhale. Blow the vapor into the other end of the core trapping the vapor into the bubble. Pop them as long as they last.

Hope you enjoy these vape tricks. We will do another follow up to this article to teach more vape trick so be on the look out for part 3.