This guide is for the vape connoisseur who starting to experiment with blowing clouds and who starting to broaden their horizons in the vape world. Someone who is starting to uses box mods for their daily vape activities.

So maybe you came across these pro cloud chasers and were flabbergasted on the huge clouds they are making. Some of these tricks that people are doing are really amazing. To be completely honest besides the healthier alternative to smoking and me kicking that habit. I was lured in to mods and vapes by the pro cloud chasers.

These talented cloud makers take a lot of time, practice, and of course modifying their tools to make the best clouds does not mean does not mean a regular vape user can’t get in on some of this action.

You definitely want to start out with making O’s or some like to call them smokers circles. The most common way is the coffin method but check out these other ways

Once you have perfected to do O’s then you can get started mastering your vape techniques with the double O’s. Once you get the double O’s down you are starting to be on your way to be a cloud making professional.

When you start doing the double O’s it is very similar. You put your finger right in the middle of your lips and make your O’s like when you did the first technique that your preferred to use while making the single O’s.

Now these both techniques are fairly simple to master but it does take some practice. Vape and Mods can be really fun and when you show off your tricks you can get people to also be amazed at how you can do your newly acquired vape tricks. We will be following up with some more advance vape tricks soon so get to mastering these vape tricks now