So at first when I started to use vape pens I was not really into making huge clouds. I was just trying to quit smoking cigarettes. It seemed to me every where I went there was less and less people smoking cigarettes and it seem to make me an outcast. So I started using vape pens. Great reason was it also smelled better. So I didn’t care about the smoke I was mainly focused on getting my nicotine fix and making sure it still felt like I was smoking a cigarette.
If you are like me and is not ready to start drilling holes and making coils you might want to continue reading. I am going give recommended buys not how to build coils.
So what type of tank you will need?
Generally speaking you want a low resistance sub ohm tank. The lower the resistance means the more air flow. This tank already ready to go is great.
Cloud Beast Tank

TFV8 Cloud Beast Sub-Ohm Tank
Reinventing the Sub-Ohm Tank platform, implementing a top-level apparatus that excels in the use of extremely high power output alongside 6mL juice capacity, unique patented SMOK Turbo Engines coil structure, adjustable dual bottom airflow, signature hinged top-fill system, and heat-spoofing Delrin ultra-wide drip tip. SMOKTech has built a revolutionary system with an explicit focus on creating a powerful, high-caliber system with unparalleled cloud-chasing potential, starting with the patented Turbo Engines coil structure: featuring the V8-T8 (6.6T), V8-T6 (6.0T), V8-Q4 (5.0T), and the V8 RBA (4.0T-X).

SMOK V8-T8, featuring an octuple design in vertical orientation and capable of firing up to a staggering 260W for absolutely massive vapor production. The V8 RBA rebuildable head integrates a massive 18mm build deck with a two-post, dual terminal design sitting on top of dual internal airslots, allowing for massive airflow in conjunction with the external airslots. Airflow is fed into the atomizer chamber from dual massive airslots, with a precision airflow control ring to throttle and practically cool the system as a whole. The TFV8 adopts a highly effective chimney, increasing the spacious internal barrel for higher airflow efficiency, increasing area by 30% than the original TFV4 Tank. It utilizes an ultra-wide Delrin widebore drip tip with immense cooling properties and heat-spoofing capability during high wattage operational usage.
Coil Resistance Leads to High Vape Production
The lower the resistance of air leads to higher heat temperatures. Higher temperatures burn more liquid therefore you have bigger clouds. That is why we recommend this tank.

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