Well back in 2001 a Chinese born Pharmacist was using high dose nicotine patches to rid himself of his smoking addiction. He also was in fear of ending up like his father who had his struggles with nicotine addiction and ended up dying of lung cancer. Hon Lik started working on a vaporized system by the use of ultrasound. The droplets from this system were to big to resemble tobacco smoke so he starting using a resistance heating system. Which resembled a lot more like cigarette smoke.

Now his challenge was to compress the size of this machine to a small hand held device, getting the right amount of nicotine and getting the right odors from harmless additives.

BY 2003 he came up with the idea of of using a high frequency piezoelectric ultrasound emitting element to vaporize a pressurized jet of liquid containing nicotine. Mr. Lik submitted his patent to this device in China 2003. The e-cigarette started being manufactured in Beijing, China the following year.

Until the financial crisis of 2007 he owned 79% of the company until it was bought by Drogonite a Hong Kong company. Hon owned the subsidiary of the company called Ruyan which literally mean “like smoke”.

The controversy started when Ruyan was sold to a Big Tobacco company called Imperial Tobacco in 2013. Imperial Tobacco in a multi-national company headquartered in Bristol, United Kingdom. During this time the Vaping industry presented themselves as the arch rival of Big Tobacco and now one of their biggest companies owed the patents to some of the technology that Hon Lik had patented.

Some can only speculate to why he sold his company and invention. Most say Hon Lik was tired of all the lawsuits that seem to go no where and have very little progress. By this time you would think Hon was racking in the doe but most of his money was going into fighting these lawsuits. The only question was why sell to the arch enemy Big Tobacco.

While Imperial Tobacco was motivated to stay relevant in the nicotine consumer business and the have plenty of money. Imperial Tobacco now is the huge conglomerate that owns the subsidiary Fontem Ventures which own Blu Ecigs. No one knows what Imperial Tobacco plans are for the long term but no one trust Big Tobacco since they have a horrible track record of being deceitful and lying to the public when it came to their traditional product of cigarettes.

Now that Hon Lik is a well known figure essential working for Big Tobacco which has caused many deaths seems to be motivated by his pocket books whenever he makes public statements. He was recently in support of new FDA regulations that were proposed.

It is our opinion that that financial gains are always one of the top motivating factors for almost anyone. It looks to us the Hon was originally motivated for health reason has now changed to be motivated by financial gains.