What can I say about this addition to the list of great vaporizers that have been coming out? Actually I should not compare the Hydrology9 to any other device out there. I think it deserves a class of it's own.

Liquid Filtration System

This device is in a class of its own because it was made with a filtration system in mind while most filtration systems are set up as an add on to a vaporizer. This tough glass holds the liquid tight to prevent leakage. WHydrology9ith the great design it still provides a nice shape for you to have a sturdy grip.

"Creating a truly unique vaporizer required us to think completely outside the scope of existing vaporizers on the market and tackle brand new problems"

Sturdy Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece glass design is a 1/4 inch thick piece made for comfort while you use it. Yet it has its comfortable design it is also made in a way that is easy to clean. I definitely like the enclosed ball valve that is center positioned so you can move the Hydrology9 in any direction while you are puffing and making your clouds.

Vaporizing Experience

We absolutely loved our first experience with the Hydrology9. It was relatively simple to fill up the food grade 18 mm by 11 mm porcelain chamber. It consist of precise temperature control maintained by its microchip processor. It precisely monitors the temperature and makes adjustments within milliseconds to make the desired adjustments.

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Heat Distribution

The patent pending design provides a solution to a typical problem with other similar devices. A built in device allows you to evenly and efficiently distribute heat. The stir was integrated with a bottom cover. The bottom cover is made with a space grade aluminum alloy and the stir is made of a heat resistant stainless steel.


In our short time of possessing this device we really enjoy it. We like the temperature controls. We like how we can be versatile with a easy to hold grip but no leakage. The filtration system makes for a great taste.
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