Vaping Trends
Do you ever remember those old movies or you might have done it in the past? I have done it. It use to be common that you would light up a cigarette after having sex. There were also many older movies that would show both couples puffing on a cigarette lying in bed. Although no sex scene was shown but the couple smoking a cigarette would suggest that they just had sex.

So I starting thinking about this. Since many smokers are choosing a healthier alternative to smoking and starting using a vape pen or some other device to get the nicotine dosage. So after a pleasurable night with your partner is it a common thing to pull out your vape pen and puff some clouds?

Some say if it is not shown in the movies, TV or some other form of media it probably don’t exist. Vaping is not commonly seen by someone after sex so as far as we can tell puffing on some vapors after some sexual pleasure isn’t something that seems to be trending.

Great News Signs Suggest Vaping improves Sex Lives

  • Increase Energy – It is well known when those that quit smoking, get rid of all the mucus and able to breath better your energy increases. This is a great benefit while having sex. It is guaranteed that your partner will love it and enjoy it. Trust Me
  • Senses Increasing –  Have you ever quit smoking just for a couple of days? Did you notice any odd changes in your sense of style and smell? You probably did. Once we get off nicotine, we are able to smell somebody smoking a cigarette from many yards away and our taste of food get more intense. The tar and other toxic chemicals in tobacco cigarettes increase the body’s sensory perception. Non-smokers will smell the odor of stale tobacco that smoker’s have on their hair, teeth, and garments. While traditional smokers don’t smell any of these odors. Besides your taste and smell all your senses increase sensation making this a great side effect for sex.

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