This article is mainly for those first timers going out and looking to buying their first vape pen. I hope to equip you with some knowledge to make a buying decision you can be happy with.

What Is Your Substancecbd oil

What is you device going to be used for? Are you just using your vaporizer for oils or better describe as flavored e-juices with or without nicotine. Maybe you are interested in a wax concentrate or better described as a cannabis extract. There are also devices for dry herbs. There are pens that are duel function made for wax and oils like these seenhere. There are devices with all 3 substances which I would not recommend to buy for your first vape pen. Picky your preferred substance is the first thing you would like to know.

Your Ideal Place For Your Vape Enjoyment

The next thing that should be part of your vape buying decision is where are you planning on using your vape for max enjoyment. Are you planning on being outside? If you plan on enjoying your new device at home you might want to consider a desktop version. Desktop devices are generally made a bit bulky and shouldn’t be moved a whole lot. Maybe you are in a indoor environment but need to be discreet so I would suggest a slim portable style vape pen. Which by the way tend to be the most cost effective. If you are generally going to be outside vaping away I would more likely suggest an AIO or “all in one” starter mod for your enjoyment just like these If you do plan to use your device outside the portable pens would also be a great choice. Which ever device you do choose for the outdoors make sure you take a look at the battery life. You don’t want to have to stop because your battery can’t last. If you buy something that uses external batteries I would suggest you get 2 sets so you can have one charging while you are using the other set. Of course that would mean buying a separate charger.

Price Just Rightspending money

Just remember there is no need to buy the latest and greatest top of the line device. Find a device that you feel is the best price for you. Price ranges for vapors run from pretty low and cost effective to over $100 maybe closer to $200 for some models. For your first vape pen make sure it comes with everything you need. Stay away from RDA’s or rebuildable dripping atomizers. Those are generally made for the experienced person. One last thing is stay away from clones. Clones may be selling at a cheap price but they are generally cheap quality. So you do get what you pay for. To distinguish from a good device would be buying a name brand that generally comes with a warranty. Clones generally are cheaply made in China. Not saying anything wrong with China because many of the USA named brands are also made in China but the difference is in the quality it is made.

Lastly do your homework, you don’t need to buy the most expensive device and just enjoy yourself when buying. There is a lot of options but it is not all that complicated. Feel free to send me a comment or message if you have any questions.